The World Olympic Summer School will be hosted in the International Olympic Academy in Ancient Olympia. Students will be accommodated in the premises of the Academy

The premises of the International Olympic Academy cover an area of ​​1.000.000 m2.

121 single, double or triple rooms, a restaurant, a football and an athletics stadium, a basketball and a volleyball court, a beach volley court, a swimming pool, a conference center with an amphitheater of 400 seats, conference rooms and classrooms, rest areas with ping-pong tables and T.V. for the students and private rest areas for the teachers are included.

The premises of the International Olympic Academy provide high level safety for the attendants of the Summer School:

  • The I.O.A. is guarded by security 24 hours per day. No one can enter or exit the premises without permission of the organizers of the Summer School.
  • The I.O.A. has its own fire safety systems including water tanks. The power generators of the premises ensure the smooth operation of the fire safety systems even in case of a power outage. These safety systems protected the I.O.A. from the fire in Ancient Olympia in August 2021.
  • Upon their arrival in the I.O.A. students will be informed about the emergency evacuation plan of the premises in order for them to be prepared in case of an emergency.
  • During the Summer School a pediatrician, rescuers, lifeguards and one ambulance will be available.
  • All facilities (rooms, restaurant, sports fields, the conference center) are complete renovated. The renovation started in 2020 and was completed in March 2022.
  • Except of the participation form parents have to fill also the Student’s Medical History Report, so that the medical team has a clear view of potential allergies etc.
  • All participants are covered with a public liability insurance

Students of same gender and similar age will be accommodated in 3-beds rooms. Teachers/adults will be accommodated in single rooms. Each room is fully furnished with bathroom, W.C. and air-condition.

All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be prepared and served in the restaurant of the Academy.


Students: In the World Olympic Summer School are welcome to participate:

  • Greek students: 10 – 16 years old
  • Students from all around the world: 14-16 years old.

Students can participate in groups (e.g. students of the same school) or individually.

Teachers: Teachers of the students can also participate in the Summer School. In this case, the teachers will undertake the position of the Team Leader of the group and will collaborate with the other Team Leaders under the instructions of the organizers.

The official languages of the Symposium are English and Greek.





The participation fee is 1200 euros for students and 1500 euros for teachers*

The package includes:

  • Registration
  • Accommodation (7 nights in I.O.A.)
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
  • Twice a day snack is also offered.
  • Transfer from/to the Athens International Airport or Kalamata International Airport
  • Transfer Athens/Kalamata – Ancient Olympia – Athens/Kalamata by bus
  • Transfer to the locations of the activities
  • Sightseeing tour (Ancient Olympia)
  • Workshops
  • Health insurance

*Teachers will be accommodated in single rooms, students in double or triple rooms.

Air tickets are not included.

Early bird: For participants who will submit the participation form and proceed to the payment until the 1st May 2024 the fee is 990 euros per student and 1290 euros per teacher.




Meeting Points on the 23rd June 2024:

  • Athens: The meeting point is the headquarters of the Hellenic Olympic Committee, Vikela str. 52, Chalandri 152 33 @13.00 a.m.
  • Athens International Airport @12.00 a.m.
  • Kalamata International Airport @03.00 p.m.

Parents can also bring their children direct to the I.O.A. by car.



Parents/Teachers have to fill the participation form with the required information. Since the number of participants is limited, the order of priority shall be established by the date the participation form was sent to the organizers. After receiving the form, the organizers will send an e-mail to the parent/teacher with information about the registration. The payment of the participation fee has to be made 5 days after the submission of the participation form the latest, otherwise the participation will be canceled.

Parents/teachers will also receive an online Health Report Form that has to be filled in with all required information regarding the health condition of the student(s)/participant(s). The submission of the Health Report Form is mandatory for the participation of the student(s) in the World Olympic Summer School. The organizers reserve the right not to accept the participation of a student in case they consider that the medical history may endanger the student himself or the smooth operation of the World Olympic Summer School.



communication hours

Students can communicate using their own mobile with their parents between the hours (local time):

  • 08.00 – 09.00
  • 14.00 – 15.00
  • 20.00 – 22.30

The rest time of the day the mobiles of the students will be locked in special boxes and kept in the Academy.

The organizers have no responsibility for loss or damage of the student’s mobiles or any other devises, they might have brought in the school, such as tablets or laptops.

Students are prohibited to use any electronic devise during the rest hours:

  • 14.30 – 16.20
  • 22.30 – 08.00

The phone numbers of the Team Leaders of each group will be available to the parents of the students of the group. The parents can communicate with the Team Leaders at any time.


Students should bring with them:

  • towels (beach, bath, face)
  • underwear
  • socks, sportswear and shoes
  • long pants and sweaters
  • swimsuit
  • flip flops
  • sunglasses and sunscreen
  • pool cap
  • flashlight
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • shampoo, shower gel, sponge
  • mosquito repellent cream
Check List


The first day of the week (Sunday) is dedicated to the acquaintance of the children with their team and their team leader through icebreaking games and activities. The organizers will also give the students information about the International Olympic Academy and its history. Finally, the students will be informed about the rules of the School and they will have the opportunity to meet the organizers and the medical team (doctor and rescuers).

The final program will be sent to the participants prior their arrival at the International Olympic Academy.